As from 12th March 2016:
All bookings should be made with KEITH BRENNAN
on  01332 674564   preferably between 7:00pm & 10:00pm

Head Slipping Officer:

Keith Brennan M98
(H 01332 674564, M 07875 101052)

Slipping Officers:

Keith Brazewell M99
(H 01159 469757, M 07521 000154)
Derek Porter M70
Mike Simpson M78
(H 01530 411349, M 07808 649997)
John Smith M89
Rex Underwood M31
Adam Walsh M130
Andrew Whitehead M7


The following times will apply:
From Friday 30th March 2018 to Friday 26th October 2018
FRIDAY EVENINGS between 5:00pm and 6:00pm
From Saturday 3rd November 2018 to Saturday 23rd March 2019
SATURDAY MORNINGS between 10:00am and 11:00am
Paint Bay booking times apply the same
Thereafter to be advised. Times may vary on particular days due to the availability of Slipping Officers.


The latest list of bookings is in the Slipway Notice Board and is REGULARLY updated.
A copy of the list, which will be updated on a weekly basis when possible, is available HERE


On 21st April 2015 the DMBC Council approved changes to the Rules regarding Slipway use.
For details and clarification of the Club Rules in this regard
please see HERE.

To arrange a booking on the Slipway please contact
on  01332 674564  
preferably between 7:00pm & 10:00pm


All members are entitled to ONE week on the slipway annually. Spring and Autumn are popular times and the bookings fill up quickly. Similar arrangements apply to the Paint Bay facility. To arrange a booking for a specific date you will need to book early.

Times for slipping are as shown above or as published on the Slipway Notice Board.

Under special circumstances slipping may take place at other times by arrangement.

Slipping Officers will guide you during the process but please remember that they are your fellow Club members and are volunteers.