As it has done since it was formed in 1938, the Club continues a program of improvement to the facilities available to it's members.


In July 2014 the Club implemented a Health & Safety Policy.

To read the Policy Statement and download the full document see HERE

The Moorings


We accommodate around 130 boats on individually allocated moorings most of which are stagings projecting into the waterway. The moorings stretch for about one third of a mile along the bank of the canal and go back about 80 yards. They are fully grassed and a tarmac road runs the whole length of the moorings.

Basin moorings

Some moorings are within our own basin.

We own our own moorings and so have an interest it keeping them as attractive as possible. The grass is always kept neatly cut by an external contractor, who also attends to some of the tree pruning. We have several members who, as their contribution to the life of the Club, keep the flower beds neat and attractive.

Our policy is to strike a balance between doing work ourselves yet making sure that burdens do not fall too heavily on individual members and interfere with their boating activities. We have one work party weekend in the Spring and one in the Autumn to keep the moorings up to the standard we wish to enjoy. Members are invited to attend for the weekend and do the smaller maintenance jobs - sometimes bribed by bacon sandwiches! This helps to keep costs down but does not become an onerous task. Indeed many members regard the work parties as an ideal way to meet fellow members.

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Old Staging

The Stagings

Most of our stagings are "finger" type, i.e. the boats are at right angles to the bank. Fortunately the canal at this point is fairly wide and we do not obstruct the waterway. Some of our moorings can accommodate boats up to 40ft. maximum length but we have a club rule which limits new members to a maximum boat length of 10 metres for the first two years of their membership.

New Staging

We have an ongoing program of replacing the wooden stagings with a more durable steel and timber design.

Water and Electricity

Each staging has water and electricity close to hand. There is no charge for this although we do expect members to be reasonable in their usage.

Electric Post

A major upgrade to the electric and water supply system has been underway. Work on the electricity supply is completed and the water supply was completed and operational during 2013.

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We have two slipways equipped with purpose-built haul-out trolleys for members to carry out routine maintenance. The trolleys are hauled on rails by an electric winch and have hydraulic arms to stabilise single keel boats.

Slipway Building

With a major upgrade completed in 2009 these slipways are now covered so that members can work on their boats irrespective of the weather. Power washing facilities are also available. Members can book a full week each year on the slipway without cost.

Painting Bay

We also have a covered Painting Bay which can be used by members who wish to re-paint their boats. The boat remains in the water. There is no charge for this facility.

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Childrens' Play Area

There is a childrens' play area which was built using a donation from a long-term and much loved member of the Club, Bill Attenborough, now deceased. There have been several improvements to this area.

Headquarters Building

We do not have a clubhouse or clubroom. We have a portable building which serves as the club headquarters/first aid post and is used primarily for meetings. In the summer months a large awning is erected to the front of the HQ building for use by members as a meeting point and occasional organised social evenings.

Toilet/Shower Block

Toilet & Shower Block

In 2011 the DMBC Council approved the replacement of the existing brick-built Toilet & Shower block, which had deteriorated badly, for a new purpose-built modular building. This was installed and commissioned in August 2012, in time for the Club Rally that September. The Club is grateful for the large and generous donation made by a long-serving member, David Marshall, toward the cost of this facility.

A new sewage tank and pumping system was installed in June 2015.

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