As elected at the DMBC AGM on
23rd March 2018


The Council members for the year 2018/2019 are as follows:-

Commodore Eamonn Adkin
Vice-Commodore Trevor Harrison
Rear-Commodore Keith Brazewell
- John Blashkiw
Social Media Chris Bradley
Head Slipping Officer Keith Brennan
Moorings Officer Paul Ethrington
- Robert Herbert
Safety & Security Kevin Lawson
Social & Entertainment David Pedley
Website Maintenance Mike Simpson
- David Smith
Maintenance Officer & Insurance Officer Roger Stones
- Andrew Whitehead
Secretary & Treasurer Audrey Keen

In addition to the above Council Members other people have various responsibilities:

President & Deputy Mooring Officer Phil Thomas
ERT Club Magazine Editor Terence Balchin
Sales of Club Regalia - badges, burgees, ties, caps, sweat-shirts & tee-shirts Steve Bilbie - Mooring 28
AWCC Representative Terence Balchin
C&RT Representative Keith Brazewell
BWB User Group Representative -
TBA Representative -
Website Maintenance Mike Simpson