Annual Subscription.

The Annual Subscription for the year 2021 is £800. This is irrespective of the size of the boat. If you join during the year you will pay 75%, 50% or 25% of this figure depending on whether you joined in the second, third or fourth quarter. If you should leave during the year we refund part of your subscription depending on the quarter in which you leave.

Payment Methods:

Membership Fees are due on 1st January every year and must be paid by 31st January or you will risk suspension of your membership. A notice reminding you to pay is usually sent to every member during the previous December. You can pay by the following methods:

  1. Annual Fee at the Club by cheque ONLY.---- On a specific day (usually the second Sunday in January) you can pay the Secretary and collect your Membership Card.
  2. Annual Fee by post. Send your completed forms and payment to the Secretary by post.
  3. Annual Fee by on-line banking.- Use the banking details shown with your reminder, or contact the Secretary for the details. Add your Surname and Mooring Number as the reference so your payment can be tracked.
  4. Quarterly by Standing Order. Complete the Standing Order Form and send this by post to the Secretary.

Entrance Fee.

In addition to the Annual Subscription we ask new members to pay a one-off Entrance Fee, which for the year 2021 is £850. This is in recognition that new members are enjoying the facilities built up over past years paid for by previous members. We use the income from Entrance Fees to further develop the facilities on the moorings.

Other costs.

Membership entitles you to one key for access to the Club site at a returnable deposit of £50. A second key may also be obtained at a returnable deposit of £50. A burgee costs £25. Otherwise there are no other costs. Enjoy!

Restrictions - didn't you just expect it?

Unfortunately, not all our moorings are able to take 40ft boats and those that can are in great demand. Recognising this, we have a club rule which limits new members to a maximum boat length of 10 metres for the first two years.

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