If members receive their licence renewal form from C&RT by email, please forward the email to the Secretary, Audrey Keen, at, and either pay the amount due by cheque payable to DMBC or direct into DMBC bank account. Please use your name as a reference.
Members are reminded of Rule 3f requiring valid licences to be displayed on their boat at all times. Also of the requirement to re-license through the Club Secretary in order for the Club to benefit from the C&RT Agency Fee.



The water supply will be turned off for the winter on 2nd December 2019 or earlier if the weather turns cold. Water is available at the Pressure Washer Hut and in the Basin. Anticipated turn-on depending on weather conditions is 1st March 2020.



Update 1st October 2018 : The Council have listened to what members have said and they have decided that from the 1st January 2019 it will be £10 per night. Until then there is no charge; monies paid previously will be reimbersed. Members must still inform a Flag Officer before coming on site. The Notice now reads:

Any member wishing to invite their friends or family for the weekend (Friday, Saturday & Sunday) can do so by contacting Trevor Harrison, Mooring 51, 07753 957953 or another Flag Officer. Each member can do this up to THREE visits per year. No more than 5 visitors caravans, etc., will be allowed at any one time. They will be sited ONLY in the Car Park. They have use of our facilities but, sorry, no electric hook-up. From 1st January 2019 the cost will be £10, inclusive of VAT, per night. This has to be paid on arrival. Book early to avoid disappointment. Proof of insurance must be shown. DMBC Council


Club Defibrillator

The Club defibrillator is now located in Club House.



The New Club House is completed and approved by the Building Insector.



On several occasions in the past year we have had to unblock the toilet system. This has been due to sanitary products, mainly WET WIPES, being flushed down the toilets. Apart from it not being the most pleasant task, recently we had to send for a service engineer as one of the pumps had become clogged and had tripped out. Fortunately the pump was undamaged but the chamber below the pumps needed cleaning out at a cost of over £300 call-out charge.
If on each previous occasion we had called out an engineer, the cost would now be around £1,000. Additionally the system would have been shut down and the toilets taken out of use.
Thanks are due to the voluntary help of some members who sorted the problems out. However this is a very unpleasant task and we do not want it to happen again. So:

*** This includes   WET WIPES   ***



Free WiFi is again available at the Club for members.
The service is only available around the HQ area, where information for connecting is displayed.



Status at 29th June 2018. Due to the constant issues encountered by the Council over several years in managing the facility, the Rule regarding Tenders and similar craft has been changed. For further information see HERE.

If you own one of these dinghies or other small craft which is currently stored on the racks in the Car Park, it is important that you:

1. Please lay claim to it within the next three months.
2. Remove the craft from the racks and comply with the change of Rule.

The Council hereby gives notice that all unclaimed craft will be disposed of by means of least cost to DMBC.


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Canal & River Trust Notices

Bridgewater Canal

2nd June 2016 until further notice

We have become aware that Bridgewater Canal have changed their approach to enforcement for Canal & River Trust licencees. They have confirmed to us that they are only allowing Trust licencees a 7 consecutive day access to the canal without charge, no return allowed within 28 days. After the 7 days is expired people will be required to purchase short-term licences.

Canal & River Trust are seeking to review this change with the Bridgewater Canal and will advise further when this is done.

Notices & Stoppages

The full list of current C&RT Notices & Stoppages can be viewed HERE.


Carbon Monoxide Deaths

The AWCC have distributed the following message:
"To let you know that the BSS has issued a media release asking boaters to be ‘carbon monoxide wise’, following confirmation at the initial inquest hearing that the poison gas caused the deaths of two boaters on a private boat on Wroxham Broad, Norfolk on 9 June. [Background press coverage can be viewed HERE].

Supporting the BSS message we have also attached the ‘top ten tips’ flyer HERE or on the BSS website HERE."


Licence Renewals

Some members may have heard a rumour doing the rounds that C&RT no longer send reminders that your license is due for renewal and charge a penalty if you miss the date. THIS IS UNTRUE. Cheryl Turner at C&RT Newark says, "I have double checked this information, and I can confirm that this is not true. Boaters will still get their renewal reminders. If you have an email address on the system, they will be emailed out. Otherwise, they will posted out as normal." Thanks to Terence Balchin for providing this.


Club Regalia

For sales of Club burgees, badges, ties, caps, sweat-shirts & tee-shirts
see Steve Bilbie - Mooring 28.



Following the sad demise of Ted Wharmby, Honorary Member of the Club, earlier in the year, the following Note has been received from Audrey, his widow :
"Dear Friends of DMBC,
I and my family wish to thank you so much for the cards & messages of sympathy we received over Teds passing, also the donation sent from the Club. We have been so pleased for the grand total was £800 which has now been given to Looe RNLI.
Ted loved his locks and all he did there, we had a very happy 23yrs there and lots of great memories. Ted's wish was to have his ashes placed in the river here where it ran into the sea; this we did on July 11th, his birthday.
Thanking you all so much for remembering Ted and wishing the Club all the best in the future.
Audrey and Family.

Contact details are available on request.

Some reminiscences courtesy of Anne Shields: "Ted Wharmby lived at the [Sawley] lock house, with his wife Audrey, as lock keeper for many years during the Seventies and Eighties. In the early days there was only one lock in operation. He was a charming man, always courteous to boaters and walkers alike, especially the ladies.
Ted was employed by DMBC to carry out slipping duties for the members boats and was a familiar sight on Friday evenings in waders and wet suit, up to his waist in water.
Following his retirement Ted and Audrey moved to a flat in Sawley village but still kept in touch with his many friends by the river. Their last home was in Looe in Cornwall where they had lived for several years, enjoying a warmer climate.


Stall in Aid of Air Ambulance, Sun 22nd May 2016

Air Ambulance May16 A charity stall was well supported.

Together with the contents from the donation box of the Saturday Night Chicken Footers, a total of £110 was raised for the DLR Air Ambulance Fund.

Many thanks for all your contributions and support. [Article by Linda Roughton, Mooring 60]

To make a donation directly to DRLAA see HERE.


British Coatings Federation Antifouling Survey

A recent survey has been published by the British Coatings Federation (BCF) regarding the concern that authorities may decide to restrict the application and use of antifouling (AF) paints to strictly professional applicators and organisations.
The survey results have been analysed by the BCF Marine Coatings Group who has issued a press release giving a high level summary of the outcome. The press release can be found on the BCF website HERE.


Stall in Aid of Air Ambulance, 3rd & 4th October 2015

At the Autumn Work Party weekend – a charity stall was available for both days with an honesty box that worked extremely well.
Together with the contents from the donation box of the Saturday Night Chicken Footers, a total of £110 was raised for the DLR Air Ambulance Fund.
Many thanks for all your contributions and support. [Article by Linda Roughton, Mooring 60]


Note From Audrey Keen Re C&RT Licensing, 30th Sep 2015

"Due to Canal and River Trust changing their computer system, I am for the time being having to send members applications for licences by post [to C&RT]. Generally, I wait until near the end of the month, i.e. 26/27, and do all the paperwork, bank the cheques and send a batch of licences in the post to C&RT. So please bear with me if it seems things are taking a bit longer than they used to. C&RT have assured me that the new computer system will be up and running shortly, then I can revert back to doing them online as before.
Thank you for your patience and understanding." Audrey Keen (Secretary DMBC)


Stall in Aid of Air Ambulance 17th & 18th May

New Staging Just to share with you a picture of the stall we held at the weekend in aid of the Air Ambulance Service. The stall was manned and organised by the Chicken Footers at Derby Motor Boat Club in recognition of the important work the Air Ambulance Service do and as a continued thank you for helping our members over the years.
A big thank you to all those who donated items, supported the manning of the stall and also those who purchased some real bargains !
We raised £400 and the donation has been made to the Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Rutland Air Ambulance Service - see HERE for more details.
[Article by Richard Roughton]



Keith Bracewell has said that, as from Easter 2014 until the end of October, Sawley Locks will be manned every weekend by C&RT volunteers during normal hours. He also said that there will be C&RT Welcome Stations at Gunthorpe, Trent Lock and Sawley, so if you would like to join the volunteers, see the representatives at any of these stations.



To All Members

Those members who wish to connect to the electricity supply for the purposes of low-level heating during the winter period may do so, with the following provisions:

1. This applies only for the winter period, namely 1st November till 31st March, and is extra cost to any member who uses the facility.

2. Members must have a Galvanic Isolator fitted to the boat and an in-line meter external to the boat similar to shown HERE. Readings from the meter will be used to calculate the extra charge for the electricity used, at cost.

3. All heating must be by a tubular heater, similar to that used in greenhouses, and have a frost stat fitted. No other type of heater must be used.

4. Boats will need to have to a separate electric boat check to ensure that the 240v electric cables and associated equipment comply with appropriate standards. Certification to this effect will be required.

5. All battery chargers must be TURNED OFF.

During the time a boat may be connected as above, it is the Members responsibility to check power continuity and satisfactory operation of the equipment on a regular basis and not just take for granted that all is satisfactory.

If you require further advice please contact Keith Brennan or consult one of your other Council Members. DMBC Council - 17th October 2013

This follows information published in January 2013. For full details see HERE - Updated 1st December 2013. This includes information on the electrical system requirements on your boat.



Having completed the access chamber, the new Pressure Control Valve and the Main Stop Valve have now been fitted and the water system is fully operational. John Blashkiw has manufactured and fitted aluminium covers for the top. The final part of the project is to reinstate the surrounding area, which will be done in stages and completed at the next work-party.
Thanks to Roger Stones and his helpers, who included Kevin Lawson, Alan Twaite, John Blashkiw, Richard Shields and John Smith.


Observant members will have noticed that, firstly, the water was turned off during the middle of June and, secondly, a dubious encampment has appeared opposite the Power-wash Hut.
Pipe Repair The reason is that water began leaking from near the stop-cock below ground. The storage hut was moved and, after digging a hole about 1 metre (3 feet) square, the leak was found in a brass tee-joint in the main 5cm (2-inch) pipe about 75cm (2 foot 6 inches) below ground. Pipe Repair
The tee-joint was replaced with a plastic version and the leak was repaired. Pipe Repair Roger Stones, Glen Quelch and several other helpers excavated the area, sometimes in heavy rain. Thanks to them all for their efforts.

Pipe Repair At one stage both Roger Stones and Glen Quelch had to be reminded that residential membership was not allowed under the rules!
Pipe Repair

After some discussion, it was agreed that the variable pressure of the water supply has caused many problems due to the high pressure when little water is being used. Consequently, it has been decided to fit a pressure-reduction valve to the main supply pipe and this will be installed as part of this excavation. A new isolation valve will also be fitted.

This means that the hole will be increased to approximately 1.8 metres (6 feet) by almost 1 metre (3 feet). Some of the steel piling sheets we have in stock are being used to construct a safe 'box' and aluminium covers will be fabricated. Piling stage 1

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Engine Room Telegraph Now On-Line

The paper copy of ERT that members will have received marks something of a landmark as it is also the first edition that has also been published electronically. Thanks go to our Editor, Terence Balchin, and our Webmaster, Mike Simpson, for their time and knowledge to set up the "wizardry" which makes it so easy to use and read.

Two versions are available :
1. To be emailed to all members for whom we hold an email address. Simply click on the link in the email and enter the password provided to you. Turn the pages by clicking on the bottom corners.
2. The web-site version now available from the "E.R.T" button on the Home page Navigation Bar or from HERE.
Saving postage costs today helps to keep annual subscriptions down so please check out the electronic versions and if you are happy (or not) to receive an email link from the Club Secretary for future editions please let Audrey Keen know by a return email. Of course, your rights under the Data Protection Act will not be compromised by this or any other mailing activity by the Club.

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Boat Safety Scheme – Revised Examination Checking Procedures

from 1st January 2013

See Engine Room Telegraph Spring Edition 2013 HERE, Page 16.
Information about the new style Boat Safety Certificates being issued from April 2013 can be found HERE and HERE.
Important recommendations arising from the changes can also be found on the Boat Safety Scheme website HERE.
The changes, including those concerning the examination of gas lockers, a.c. power source lead connections and the a.c. consumer unit, are summarised in the document "Summary of Key ECP Changes Jan 2013" - See HERE
For the full document "The Boat Safety Scheme Essential Guide" see HERE
For the document "BSS Examination Checking Procedures for Privately Owned and Managed Vessels" see HERE
These documents are intended for information only in order that members can prepare their boat for an examination.

Further useful information can also be found on The Boating Association website HERE

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As from 1st January 2012 any requests for for change of moorings
Verbal requests are no longer acceptable.
Also, any member wishing to change their boat for another must put pen to paper BEFORE the event, not after.
Plus, if you intend to leave the Club you should inform the Secretary, once again, in writing BEFORE the event, not after.
- DMBC Council



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