Rally Report


Rally 2016 1
DMBC Bi-annual Rally 2016

Message from John Blashkiw, Commodore:

Once again this Club's members and guests have enjoyed another Rally.

As Commodore I want to say a big 'thank you' to everyone for their hard work put into organising beforehand and on the days. We have two years to arrange the next one so letís all continue to support the club.

Air Ambulance Stall

A total of £270 was raised at the Air Ambulance Stall over the rally weekend manned by the DMBC Chicken Footers, who also contributed a further £65 from their 'Saturday Evening' box. Many thanks to all who contributed but especially to Phoebe and Mia for all the cakes they made which soon sold - See below. Article by Linda Roughton

Rally DLRAA Stall

Spitfire Fly-Past

On Saturday it was planned to enjoy a fly-past of a Spitfire and a Hurricane. Unfortunately, the weather played foul and the cloud base was too low. On Sunday we were more fortunate and a glorious fly-past was made by a Spitfire - see below. Photo courtesy of Claire Herbert M112


Fun Dog Show

A very popular event was again held on Sunday and was well attended.

Dog Show

There were many classes and prizes, including "The Dog the Judge Would Most Like to Take Home", won by Spike M54 - here shown with some legs!


All Photos courtesy of Yvonne Bullivant, the lady Judge.

Thanks go to the Judges, Paul and Yvonne Bullivant, and the organisers, Matt and Linda Fox.

For a Gallery of photos by Yvonne see HERE .